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God Jul & Gott Nytt År alla Skållegor önskar Styrelsen Skål International Stockholm!

Ett synnerligen aktivt år går mot sitt slut där vi har fler medlemmar och nya internationella samarbeten. Den 15 November undertecknade Skål International Rom och Skål International Stockholm ett Twinning Agreement. Evenemanget bevittnades av Skål klubbar från hela Europa, Skål International CEO Daniela Otero samt från Svenska ambassaden i Rom, ambassadråd Sara Dahlsten.

Avtalet innehåller 10 punkter att beakta inför det fortsatta samarbetet mellan klubbarna:

  1. The Two Clubs concerned hold a formal meeting in each Club to ratify the twinning agreement.
  2. Encourage informal contact by way of e-mail or letter with individual members of the Clubs, including the families of members, e.g. with children on a “pen-pal” basis which will lead to lasting relationships.
  3. To arrange reciprocal exchange visits on an individual basis between members of the twinned Clubs and their families.
  4. Agree to meeting at least once annually. The meeting would be primarily social but could contain a professional aspect such as a travel and tourism business session.
  5. To continually recognise the twinning as a mutual exchange of ideas and information requiring contributions by all parties.
  6. To provide opportunities to learn more about culture and successes of the others and most of all to do business through better understanding, cooperation and friendship.
  7. To expand the opportunity for joint projects and exchanges which twinning provides and which lead fellowship and friendship.
  8. To exchange flags, promotional and other material including stamps, currency, coins, local publications, photographs, videotapes and greeting cards.
  9. To become involved in charity work at the discretion of the clubs.
  10. Exchanging information of historical value with the other Club.
    Undertecknat av Antonio Percario, president SI Roma samt Björn Arvidsson, president SI Stockholm i Rom 15 november 2019. Avtalets nummer är 179 vilket är antalet twinning-avtal i världen. Hela listan på twinning-avtal finns att inhämta på medlemssidorna på eller Stockholm-Roma Twinning-avtal

Under samma dagar undertecknade Presidenter från 17 europeiska länder ett samarbetsavtal för Skål Europe Network. Samarbetet mellan de europeiska klubbarna ska öka genom informationsutbyten och årliga möten och dessutom vara en tydlig gemensam röst i Skål Internationals världskongress.
Följande punkter finns angivna i dokumentet (t.h)

SKÅL Europe Network must be:

  • A louder voice in SKÅL
  • A communication network in SKÅL
  • An example for “doing business among friends”

A toolbox in SKÅL to:

  • Increase recruitment
  • Share the good efficient actions and best practices
  • Promote SKÅL activities not only in each Country but share with all European clubs
  • Have an impact and respected voice in SKÅL International Meetings

We must keep the rules from our first official SKÅL EUROPE meeting in Paris 2018:

  • No Costs
  • Light Structure
  • A SKÅL EUROPE NETWORK get together meeting once a year
  • A SKÅL EUROPE NETWORK meeting at the World Congress for those clubs representatives attending the World Congress